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Malaysian Taxi - WHO are we?

This website is run by Malaysia taxi drivers themselves. You’re dealing directly with us. We are group of Taxi drivers around Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur. This website allows us to deal directly with our passenger throughout peninsular Malaysia.

All our taxi has legal License and travel insurance for driver and passengers. Each of our taxi drivers is a Malaysian citizen, to make sure passenger and their belonging’s comfort and safety. These are the individuals that have chosen to ride taxi as their full-time career. Most of them are well-experienced which almost some of them have drive taxis for more then 25 years.

Where are most of the Taxi Passengers in Kuala Lumpur now?

  • Hotels
  • Airport, Bus & Train station
  • Tourist places
  • Shopping mall

All this places have been monopolized by giant taxi companies , so that we as individual taxi driver with our own permit dont have anymore places to get our passengers. These giant taxi companies are charging big amount of fees if we (taxi drivers) would like to take passengers from their teritory areas. Even then , we are often getting late payment and sometimes paid less then what we supposed to get. We have been used by these giant companies to monopolize one by one KL City Area as their teritory and take full profit of it eventhough sometimes they dont have enough taxi on their own to support a rapid turnover of passengers in their specific area.

This website is created not only to gain profit but to sustain survival of small taxi drivers with this giant company’s bureaucracy. It is more to create a friendly relationship , trust and help each others between passengers and taxi drivers.

So If you choose to use our services, you are helping us. We promise to give good service with discipline , honesty and courtesy with other extra service that we will give you. (see EXTRA ).

Taxi Types

• Budget

Small Taxi – Most taxi company rent this to taxi drivers because of huge profits and low problems. If big size passenger, you’ll be feel like moving in a box. Baggage placement is small because ¾ of it filled with Gas Tank.

• Premier

Saloon car more than 2.0 cc, comfortable for passengers. Baggage placement is also big enough. If you choose their services , you have helped this type of drivers, because it’s hard for them to get passengers at roadside. More over the rental also high, as their profit is less. Also it will be used more to maintainance which is costly compare to other type of taxis.


This type of vehicle can take up to 6 passengers max. If you do have more baggage, limit to 5 passenger only because there need place to put baggage. Don’t worry if the baggage place looks limited to you, because taxi driver can help to arrange it correctly to fit them.

• Van

9 passenger max , followed legal permit for taxis. If there’s a need for more baggages, limit to 7 / 8 passengers only, to have place for baggages. For journey more than 150km, and with a lot of baggage and passengers, you are advice to book 2 MPV’s for your safety and more comfortable during your journey.

Places of Interest

Putrajaya taxi KLCC taxi Genting taxi

Non-Stop Services

We give 24 hour service non-stop for passenger in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur. You may book online for all type of Taxi you need. You are advised to book earlier to give chance for us for arranging the trip for your comfort and safety on time.

Minimum 3 hours booking period needed.

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